Premium outdoor kit brand, Red, launches Australian-inspired colours into
Award Winning Change Robe Range.

Premium outdoor kit brand, Red Equipment, has just dropped two exclusive new colours into their award-winning Pro Change Robe range. Already leading the market in terms of quality and performance, The Pro Change Robe EVO not only improves the user experience when changing but also takes it to the next level when wearing it for general use.

With cold water swimming continuing to have its moment and even more people enjoying the outdoors year-round, the brand has recognised the demand for an all-weather jacket that functions not only as a great change robe but can also protect you from the elements in any outdoor activity, as Commercial Director, Catherine Morris explains…

“As people’s usage habits have evolved, we challenged ourselves to make our range, even more fit for purpose and at the cutting edge of what they do. The enhanced features on the EVO all have a purpose and function. We worked with elite sport clothing designers on the overall construction and fit so the robes better handle extreme conditions as well as being even more comfortable and practical to wear. The importance of the overall aesthetic has been central to the design of the EVO too, so not only will you feel great wearing it, but you will look great too. We’ve added subtle branding and considered features to make this robe look like a stylish outdoor jacket, suitable for use anywhere, anytime.

The striking new colours celebrate Australia’s love of the water, its connection with the great outdoors, and the emerging groundswell of love for the benefits of cold water. Inspired by Aussie landscapes and iconic locations which are reflected in the names of the robes Coogee Surnrise and Icebergs Aqua and offer a bright beach-life aesthetic.”

Red’s advanced robes are all made with 100% recycled materials and high-end features including Velcro cuffs, a baffled two-way zip, and a toggled hood to keep the elements out. Already a go-to item for community swimming groups across Australia including The Seagals and Tidal Talks, the brand anticipates this limited-edition collection will truly resonate with the Australian swimmers and outdoor communities it was inspired by.

Some key reasons the EVO Pro Change Jacket is the best robe on the market: 
The best quality technical fabrics 
Uniquely Breathable, soft moisture-wicking lining makes it super warm yet lightweight. 

The best-looking change robes  
Subtle branding, raglan sleeve and Red’s signature piping. Wear it for general use or changing. 

Carefully considered design with all the best features you’d expect in a high-end outdoor jacket 
Toggle hood, magnetic closures, water-resistant chest pocket, wind baffle, side stretch panels…. The list goes on. 

Red Original fabric packs a punch 
This robe is lightweight and more packable than other alternatives which are made from stiff, bulky, noisy (and considerably cheaper) Nylon. 

No compromise quality construction  
Designed by performance apparel experts with decades of experience in designing industry-leading professional standard kit. 

The range is now available to buy online at  

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