Red Launch Waterproof Tote Bag

Introducing Red’s Waterproof Tote. Drawing from Red’s heritage of quality waterproof
bags, the Tote follows suit in style and design highlighting the brand’s consistent
waterproof fabric and detailing for a clean and contemporary outdoors look.
While the customary tote is no new invention, Red’s waterproof takes on this workhorse of
a bag offering a minimalist, yet practical design making it the must have everything,
everywhere carryall. Commercial Director, Catherine Morris explains.
“We are increasingly seeing that consumers are investing in high quality, timeless pieces
and enjoying subtle and everyday staples. These products may appear understated, yet
they really perform. Our tote bag offers high quality design with a timeless appeal making it
fit for purpose for a multitude of users, for mums on the go, a perfect day shopper right
through to family days on the beach. We know these are people who value versatility
seeking a bag that seamlessly transitions from the practicality of a supermarket run to the
rugged demands of a camping expedition.”
Red has a user-first approach to design and the Tote is no exception. The lightweight tote
offers ample storage options such as a leak-proof pocket, and complete waterproof
protection. Details such as a magnetic closure, water bottle holders and the anti-tip
moulded base give it those “they have thought of everything” as expected of the brand.
Standing up to harsh weather & low temperatures the waterproof design takes the classic
concept of the Tote to an adventure-ready upgrade – simply hose it down and get ready
for the next adventure. Catherine Morris continues…
“In times of economic uncertainty, we instinctively want to rely on quality, timeless pieces
which really perform. To be worthy of our investment it should add value to our lives,
contributing to the everyday through adaptable use, as well as bringing us pleasure and
enjoyment through clean, understated design. The launch of our tote offers that
indispensable versatility and hard-working performance which makes it so well suited to
such a multitude of uses whether you are camping out in the wilderness or keeping up
with the kids. I think that is why we have been having such a positive response to the bag,
I’ve never launched a product before which generates such an immediate positive
response from such a wide range of people.”
RRP: $199.95
Available online now.

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