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CAMPERS PANTRY launches B2B Retailer Portal and new compact, lightweight packaging.

Retail stores can now easily shop online for the full range of CAMPERS PANTRY products.

CLICK HERE to sign up and start ordering online today.

– Faster orders door to door

– Accuracy of orders

– Live stock on hand 

– 95 products available

Enquires: Clare Minchinton

New Products available now from Icey Tek

We have added a couple of new products, which are now in stock available for dispatch.

We have gone a step above in quality from all previous ranges.

Oneskin 33 – 50 – 75 and 75 Split Lid.

The Oneskin is a culmination of decades of experience of manufacturing iceboxes for the demanding Australian environment. Designed in Australia for Australians, for the love of the great outdoor lifestyle we embrace.

We understand the uses, abuses, environments and occasions that these coolers will be used. This range is designed perfectly for the Australian environment.

Features Include:

Tough Oneskin Polyethylene outer skin material.

Thick Polyurethane Insulation for outstanding ice retention.

Super Smooth Interior for easy cleaning.

Easy Open/Close Silicone Latches for Hygiene and Durability

Textured Top of lid to help prevent sunlights heat accumulating.

Strong and Comfortable Webbing Handles which are removable without tools.

Tough Moulded Handle that form part of the cooler body.

Drain Plug – gasket Sealed, easy to screw in, recessed to fully drain all water. 

Fully Integrated Hinge System – Designed to last the lifetime of the cooler.

Non Slip Rubber Feet. Prevent sliding in vehicles and boats.

Dual Locking Points on each front corner. Keep the hungriest of dingos, possums and kids out of your food with a padlock.

Super Bag 150

The Super Bag 150, is the toughest fish and game storage bag we have made.

This bag has an airtight and watertight zipper to help prevent thermal loss. The insulation is 20mm thick, closed cell foam.

The outer fabric layer is the extremely durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The inside skin is equally as tough, but with a super smooth finish to make cleaning easy.

Comes with a single drain plug in one end, to drain excess water or clean out.

Fully sealed and welded construction. 

Icey Tek Website

Brandscope, proud sponsors of AAE 2023

Brandscope is a globally recognised B2B wholesale e-commerce platform with a proven capacity to deliver brands, agents and retailers a more economical, collaborative and sustainable way to conduct wholesale trade. 

Think outside the box – our enterprise software will change the way you do wholesale and e-commerce business.

Our people are industry-leading, forward-thinking, B2B ecommerce experts giving you intuitively clever tech. Just like you, we know and live wholesaling and trust us, we get it. 

We understand your frustrations of the overheads and inefficiencies that come from catalogues, samples and traditional operating sales teams. That’s why we have created a software that empowers the relationship between the supplier, agent and retailer, to sell more and reduce costs.  

We currently support over 500 brands and 30,000 retailers working in over 45 countries around the world. Brandscope is the retailer preferred B2B e-commerce platform that is trusted by brands.

Harness the power of Brandscope to trade more efficiently and profitably and ultimately reach the next level of business – whatever that may be! 

Why choose the smartest B2B enterprise software and wholesale marketplace system on the planet

Expand your reach and grow into new markets, sell more and reduce costs, market and educate your customers, all while increasing the sustainability and responsibility of your business and industry as a whole. Being ‘planet positive’ is a trend you need to embrace. 

B2B wholesale is simplified and more effective through our intuitive B2B ecommerce integration and ordering solution. The Brandscope software is incredibly easy to use and is focused on delivering impactful functionality. Turns out you don’t have to be a rocket scientist for your business to take off. 

Created with the purpose of being an inclusive, socially and environmentally responsible company, we care for the environment by reducing the world’s carbon footprint through sustainable, digital-led solutions.

Take your wholesale business to the next level with Brandscope – the intuitive B2B ordering solution that enables you to sell smart, sell easy, sell more. It’s that simple. 

Connect with a Brandscope representative via email  or call +61 7 5508 2000

Wildair Outdoors – ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Spacious enough for two, the award-winning ENO DoubleNest Hammock is expertly constructed with durable yet soft nylon taffeta fabric and reigns supreme as your all-access pass to relaxation.

  1. Supremely comfortable, breathable, and fast-drying FreeWave® fabric
  2. Spacious 9.5′ hammock body
  3. Integrated stuff sack with internal stash pocket compresses to travel-ready size
  4. Time-tested durability with triple-stitched seam construction
  5. Specially designed carabiners create a safer, easier hang

Compatible with all ENO® hammock straps, stands, and accessories.

Wilder Outdoors Website

BOOT BANANAS: Saving the world from ‘fruity’ feet

Fragrant Moisture Absorbing shoe deodorizers for active footwear.

Boot Bananas are a fragrant and moisture-absorbing shoe deodoriser for active footwear. Including running shoes, work boots, hiking shoes, ski boots or any other “fruity” footwear. Boot Bananas are made from naturally absorbent salts, minerals and plant extracts with lavender, lemon, patchouli and tea-tree essential oils all wrapped in a 100% cotton banana skin. Using them is as simple as placing the bananas in footwear when not in use. Features include…

● Triple-action active ingredients – Odour neutralising, moisture absorbent and with natural antimicrobial properties.

● Eco conscious design, cotton outer skin is biodegradable and the active ingredients comprise of salts, minerals and plant extracts only.

● Makes the perfect gift for any athlete or shoe enthusiast that all friends and family are sure to appreciate.

● Highly effective & long lasting – an average deodorising lifespan of 6 to 12 months with proper care. Designed to work on even the most offensive smelling footwear.

● Particularly effective for footwear shoes worn without socks.

This is an item that many people will appreciate, both at home and on the road.

Designed by model maker Alex and her partner Phil, a climbing instructor, Boot Bananas were born from the battle to banish the stink of Phil’s smelly shoes for good. 

It started with some very smelly rock climbing shoes. Alex and Phil just moved into their first flat together and the smell of Phil’s climbing shoes had become a problem he could no longer hide. They tried everything on the market to deodorise them but nothing was up to the challenge. So, putting our best feet forward, they decided to make something new. 

Wanting to avoid any synthetic chemicals, Alex & Phil perfected their own powerful blend of naturally deodorising salts and minerals. Alex got to work designing the optimum shoe-friendly shape, and when combining this with yellow fabric, had her ‘light bulb moment’ and Boot Bananas were born. Once Phil’s fruity-footed climbing friends had rigorously tested the Bananas, our little South London flat became a hub of lavender-infused activity.

Over the following year Phil & Alex hand-made nearly 8000 Boot Bananas from home, before teaming up with a factory to create a dedicated manufacturing process.

Boot Bananas is available now to Australian Retailers through Climbing Anchors Distribution. For more information or to discuss ranging contact or 0432 025 958.

Ticket to the moon – Hammocks and accessories for travellers

The Lightweight Travel Hammock: Safe, Comfortable, High Quality and Packable.

Ticket to the Moon (TTTM) creates quality, innovative products for travellers. Each and every product is tested under extreme conditions and passes quality control tests without compromise before leaving TTTM’s factories. All Ticket to the Moon hammock and products are produced with care. Our parachute products are hand-made by a team of skilled and experienced craftsmen using the highest quality of parachute nylon fabrics. Materials are locally sourced, and all products are made at our very own manufacturing plants company in Bali. 

Our hammocks are made for everyone in the family, including kids. We have a wide range of colours and designs, including kids sizes, to the classic single adult “Original”, to the huge “Mammock” hammock which can carry up to 350kgs, and everything in between. Our products are designed to be easy to setup, lightweight, packable & durable, and the attached pouch grants you convenient storage on the road. Every Ticket to the Moon product is suitable for adventures in the great outdoors, as well as the home. 

Ticket to the Moon parachute hammocks are skin-friendly and are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. TTTM hammocks are breathable, anti-mildew, elastic, and built to last. Any defects in workmanship and materials of Ticket to the Moon products are covered by the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The range continues to grow with a large variety of accessories including The Moontarp and The Mosquito Net 360°, as well as lifestyle products including eco shopping bags, backpacks, beach blankets, and The Moon Chair. We also provide equipment for setup including tree-friendly Moonstraps, quality ropes and carabiners. 

The Ticket To The Moon range is available now to Australian Retailers through Climbing Anchors Distribution. For more information or to discuss ranging contact or 0432 025 958.

Tilley: Ultralight Capes

We would like to introduce you to our Ultralight range and present you some of of popular formats:

The Ultralight Cape Sun Hat and Sunshield Cap.

Ultralight Cape Sun Hat

Thoughtfully designed this style to keep you cool and protected on those long adventure days in the sun. This sun cape style is ultralight, packable and features mesh ventilation with a adjustable reflective bungee windcord.


  • UPF50+
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Sustainable fabric
  • DWR finish
  • Packable Recycled fibres
  • Stretch fabric

Responsibly Made in China from 96% Recycled Nylon and 4% Elastane

Ultralight Sunshield Cap

Ultralight Sunshield Cap

A modern 5-panel design with a removable sun shield cape that offers protection during long days on the trail. Designed with functional features such as silicone eyelets for ventilation, ultralight fabric and an adjustable nylon band at the back.


  • Ultralight Weight
  • Quick Drying
  • Sustainable
  • DWR Finish
  • Breathable
  • Packable
  • Recycled Fibres
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Stretch Fabric

Responsibly Made in China from 96% Recycled Nylon and 4% Elastane

Tilley Australia Website

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