Implus Asia Pacific

Home to 18 category leading brands, Implus Asia Pacific boasts a brand portfolio that extends over several industries. These include: Fitness and Athletic Performance, Lifestyle and Movement, Outdoor Accessories, and Lifestyle Hosiery and Footwear Accessories. Implus is a major supplier in the Sports, Outdoor, Fitness, Surf, Sport, Leisure, Mass and Pharmaceutical retail market throughout Australia.

Within the Outdoor category, Implus’s stable of brands include:

Dry Guys: Founded in 1994, the DryGuy® range of boot and glove dryers provides a solution to cold & wet feet and hands experienced while working and playing outdoors. While boots and gloves provide the necessary insulation and protection for hands and feet, they often become water logged and soaked from rain, water, snow or sweat rendering them uncomfortable and counterproductive. Whether it’s skiing, working, fishing, hiking, or playing sports, DryGuy offers a solution of boot & glove dryers, designed to keep you and your gear comfortably warm and dry in the outdoors.

Sportbrella: ​​​​​​Sport-Brella strives to the best available product for portable weather protection whether it be camping next to a river, at the beach, at the kids sports game, relaxing in a park, and anywhere else adverse weather may impede your enjoyment in the outdoors. Our umbrellas are a patented, innovative and unique design that provides increased protection from the elements, as well as solutions for making your active days outside more comfortable and efficient. Every piece of Sport-Brella gear is designed to set up quickly and pack up easily so your base camp always stays mobile, and is built to last for any outside adventure, day after day, season after season.

Little Hotties: Little Hotties Hand Warmers can be used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, spectators, skiers, construction workers, and anyone who enjoys keeping their hands and body warm. Air- activated by shaking them, these go anywhere Hand Warmers can be used in your pockets, in your gloves or just hand held and will keep your hands warm for up to 8 hours. They are a safe natural heat, odourless with each pack containing a pair of Hand Warmers.

YakTrax: Whether you walk, run or work on packed snow, ice and slippery environments, you can step confidently with YakTrax. Named after the sure-footed Tibetan Yak, Yaktrax proudly offers a wide array of traction devices for your shoes in addition to other winter shoe and boot accessories. Whether you need the Walk for getting to the bus stop or mailbox or require extreme outdoor traction, Yaktrax will always provide solid, predictable traction in any condition.

Ridgeline New Zealand Competition

NEW Brand – Aussie Outback Supplies – REAPR

For hunters, campers, hikers, blade aficionados and extreme outdoors enthusiasts, Reapr means cutting edge style and innovation. Reapr offers a carefully curated collection of knives, spears and axes with a wide range of edgy options. Constructed from heavy duty materials like 420 stainless steel, Reapr products feature unique innovative designs that intimidate the opposition and overcome any challenge. 

It’s Tacticool. It’s Practicool. It’s Reapr-cool. 

Aussie Outback Supplies is the new Australian Distributor for Reapr products from the USA 

NEW Exhibitor – Wildflame Outdoors – Camp Chef

We’re a passionate team of outdoor-lovers and culinary experts committed to bringing five-star flavour to the great outdoors with versatile gear that can stand up to the demands of both the backcountry and back patio foodies.

The same vision that reinvented camp-cooking thirty years ago guides everything we make today, from camp cook systems to cast iron cookware to pellet grills.

Whatever we do, we’ll never stop finding ways to help others gather outside because as food fuels our body and nature nourishes our spirit, togetherness sustains our souls.

Camp Chef is proudly distributed in Australia by Wildflame Outdoors, more at https://wildflameoutdoors.com.au/pages/camp-chef

We invite you to drop by, say hi and check out the range at stand C1

Tonic Eyewear Competition


Visit us at Stand P10 for your chance to win 2 pairs of TONIC’s valued at $600.

Quest Outdoor Launch Products

We’re in the final stages of putting together our new range for 23/24 and we’ve decided to double down on investment for the year ahead. We are planning on doubling our sku count next year and even more importantly have spent time and money on real innovation in key categories to make us (and hopefully you) standout even further from the market. Real innovation is something the industry has been lacking in recent years. 

We’re launching all of this at the Australian Adventure Expo. We’d love to see you there so we can show how we are trying to help independent retail not just survive but thrive. See below a few teasers of what we’ll be launching (there’s plenty more innovation coming at the show). If you want more details make an appointment to see us at the show or rock on by and say hi. We don’t bite, well sometimes we do. 🙂

Air Gazebo 3.

Revolutionary new take on an alternative for steel frame gazebos. Same shade area & dims as a 3 x 3m Dlx Gazebo but packs up 60% shorter, weighs 50% less, goes up faster, doesn’t pond water, is stronger in the wind, is almost 3 times more waterproof and includes a removeable floor. Plus can be setup by one person using the included double action pump with single point inflation. What more can we say? Oh yeh way more margin & gross profit $$$ for you at a reasonable price point. This is just the beginning, welcome to the revolution!

Razor Tables.

The thinnest, most weatherproof and versatile camp tables on the market. Aluminium & steel construction meaning it can be a camp table or used as a stove stand or both at the same time. Packs up to an approx. thickness of a 20 cent coin.

Flat Bed.

We bring you the most comfortable, compact & stable camp bed available today. Traditional camp beds with mattress are extremely bulky and noisy (and lets not start with talking about low margin). We integrated super thick & plush diamond padding, used soft touch fabrics and made it pack up almost 50% thinner. Your home bed reimagined with the outdoors in mind. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

All Sat Communications launches rescueME PLB3

rescueME PLB3 – The worlds first combined PLB & MOB

Ocean Signal has been producing world leading products for years but the new rescueME PLB3 has excelled in water safety.

Winning the prestigious DAME award at the Marine Electronic Trade Show in 2022, the PLB3 combines a Personal Locator Beacon and a Man Overboard device.

By combining 2 devices it gives you the best opportunity to be rescued at sea.  Transmitting to the emergency services on the regular 406MHz and 121.5MHZ it also sends out an AIS distress signal to vessels within about 5nm. Add to that an Infrared Strobe, Near Field Communication and simply life jacket integration

Australian approvals for the rescueME PLB3 are expected mid year.  Come and see the full range of life saving devices at stand A28 – All Sat Communications 

NEW PRODUCTS from Campers Pantry

  • Introducing the NEW Expedition Meal Range

Chicken Cacciatore, Indian Chicken Pilaf and Spicy Mexican Beans are the three new flavours. All five new flavours, including Cauliflower Pea Dahl and Penne Bolognese, will be available to taste test at the show.

  • Campers Pantry + Van Diemans Land Creamery

Campers Pantry has teamed up with Van Diemans Land Creamery to launch three new Tasmanian-made freeze-dried ice cream flavours. Call past the stand to taste test.

  • NEW Moorish Trail Mixes

New for 2023 are six exciting trail mixes for snacking while hiking your favourite trail. Overland, South Coast and Three Capes blends are so good you can’t put them down. Taste tests are available at the show.

  • Choc Coated Freeze Dried Strawberries

Dessert in the trail hut just got way better with our new freeze-dried strawberries covered in thick milk chocolate. Taste tests are available at the show and won’t last long.

  • New Premium Dinner Range

Using premium, freeze-dried ingredients, Campers Pantry launches the first exciting Asian meal range. Green Thai Chicken Curry, Red Thai Chicken Curry, Indian Chicken Curry and Red Thai Beef Curry are available soon in single and double serves.

Supex Products – Caravan Display

Only a few days left until AAE 2023, and the team at Supex Products is excited!

This year we’re including a caravan display, showcasing our products in and around the van so you can see how they all work. There’ll also be extensive new ranges of items to see, from furniture and tarps to campsite accessories and toilet chemical. 

We can’t wait to see you there; if you’d like to make an appointment, please contact Gavin (gavin@supex.com.au) or Matthew (matthew@supex.com.au) to make a time.

NEW RANGE from Sherpa Outdoors

Sherpa Outdoors will be showcasing our new 2023 range of outdoor apparel and gear and look forward to meeting new and existing customers. We will be bringing along the all new adults and kids sleeping bags, outdoor socks range and the popular light and midweight puffer jackets with some exciting new colours and features to share. 

New Sherpa Gear

  • Outdoor socks (3 new styles)
  • Sleeping bags (adults and kids)
  • Midweight puffer jackets (new colours)
  • Improved Hiker II Rainwear
  • Hiking gaiters (long and short)

As well as presenting the new gear we will be offering some AAE exclusive deals on some new and old stock including 50% off beanies and bundle deals on the new sleeping bags and outdoor socks. 

Come along and meet Steve, Bec & Rob at the Sherpa stand (P13) for some exciting new gear and exclusive deals you don’t want to miss! 


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