NEW! Victorinox, NEBO and Zippo from Sheldon & Hammond

MRAP- $89.95

Being the original creators of the Swiss Army Knives, you cannot go wrong with Victorinox. The Huntsman pocket knife is the ultimate tool for the outdoors, featuring tools that make it perfect for various activities such as climbing, hiking, and camping. With its 15 functions and essential tools like scissors and a wood saw, this Swiss-made pocket knife enables you to easily saw wood and cut ropes. Whether venturing off the beaten path or disconnecting from the digital world, the Huntsman is the ideal companion in your pocket.

MRAP- $165.00
Meet the NEBO Galileo 1000 Flex – your compact powerhouse of illumination. This versatile lantern offers 1000 lumens of brilliance with five different modes, lighting up any situation. With both 360° and 120° spotlight capabilities, this rechargeable device ensures illumination tailored to your needs. With its rugged design and versatile functionality, stay illuminated and connected wherever your adventures take you.

MRAP- $43.00
Introducing Zippo Mag Strike: the ultimate companion for outdoor adventures. With its innovative ferrocerium rod and striker, it delivers precision sparks to ignite fires effortlessly. Reusable, durable, and lightweight, it’s designed for the modern explorer. The textured grip ensures a secure hold, while the solid triangular body and ultra-sharp blade provide unmatched precision and firepower. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or gathering with friends, Mag Strike is always ready to ignite every adventure with ease.

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