Wildair Outdoors – Meet Markus Wiesbock on stand B21

Passion-Driven Development in Harmony with Nature – GRÜEZI BAG

For over 35 years, product developer and founder Markus Wiesböck has been immersed in the world of sleeping bags. His training was dual-faceted, delving into both the developmental aspects of the industry and sales, enabling direct engagement with customers. With a fervor for travel, Markus refined his products down to the smallest detail.
Markus Wiesböck discovered through numerous tests that “Nothing is as good as nature.” In these trials, he found that no synthetic fiber is as delicate as down, providing unparalleled insulation. Wool, on the other hand, is a true wonder, acting like a natural air conditioner. Initially, Markus thought more wool equaled better insulation. However, extensive testing revealed the precise balance of wool and down necessary. Too much wool could even result in cooler conditions, while too little could lead to overheating. Additionally, combining wool and down for washable insulation posed a challenge. This intricate balance was successfully achieved with the new DownWool insulation.
Further tests were conducted with silk, wood, kapok, and more. Over the years, Markus Wiesböck became an expert in natural insulation, earning over 30 awards, including Product of the Year, bestowed by a jury from 16 countries, as well as various ISPO and Sustainability Awards
Markus’ dedication extends beyond insulation. Every detail of my products is dear to me. Starting with a specialized zipper design for improved ventilation, to the compartment for pillowcases, anti-slip strips for safer placement on the sleeping mat, and the unique 3D mosquito domes on the hood, among many other features.
He thinks beyond the fibers. Even the choice of colors considers their non-toxic decomposition impact on the environment. The impregnations are made from bio-based raw materials, and, of course, all fabrics are recycled.
When I do something, I do it right, even if it means swimming against the current. In the case of sleeping bags, for instance, everyone is fixated on weight, making them tighter and shorter. In the sleep lab, Markus recognized that a sleeping bag needs a certain length and width for optimal sleep. If it’s too tight, a leg can’t be extended, the hip can’t relax, and sleep becomes restless. I develop products that are beneficial to the body. What’s the point of saving 100g if it hinders a good night’s sleep?
Markus is a development machine. In recent years, up to 10 innovations have been added to his product line each year. I’m bursting with ideas. When I write a book, it’s the same. I write quickly because I want to know how the story ends. It evolves as I write.

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